XLR Charger tester 30Vdc/20Adc max

Product no.: SOC00519

MPN: CHT000100000


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The XLR charger tester is a module specifically designed to measure a wheelchair’s charge/discharge current and battery voltage.

The XLR charger tester is inserted in the connection between the charge device and the wheelchair charge plug. The XLR charger tester measures voltage from 0.0V to 30.0V and current from 0.0A to 19.9A.


Battery installation

Open the cover on the rear of the housing Install a 9V battery block (Mind the polarity of the connections!) Close the cover.

Connection with charge device

Connect the Neutrik female plug to the charge device.

Connection with the wheel chair

Connect the Neutrik male plug to the wheel chair.

Switch on side housing

Middle position: Disconnected. U position: Measures the voltage on the connection between the charger and the wheelchair. I position: Measures the current from the charger to the wheelchair. Disconnection Disconnect the “Voltage Current Module” after its use in order to prevent the battery from discharging.


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