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Product no.: SOC00002
Ceragon Antenna 11 GHz 300mm

MPN: Am-1-11W-CR

Product no.: SOC00003
Ceragon Antenna 13 GHz 300mm

MPN: Am-1-13-CR

Product no.: SOC00004
Ceragon Antenna 15 GHz 300mm

MPN: Am-1-15-CR

Product no.: SOC00005
Ceragon Antenna 18 GHz 300mm

MPN: Am-1-18-CR

Product no.: SOC00006
Ceragon Antenna 23GHz 300mm

MPN: Am-1-23-CR

Product no.: SOC00007
Ceragon Antenna E-band 80GHz 300mm

MPN: Am-1-80-CR

Product no.: SOC00008
Ceragon Antenna 11GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-11W-CR

Product no.: SOC00009
Ceragon Antenna 13GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-13-CR

Product no.: SOC00010
Ceragon Antenna 15GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-15-CR

Product no.: SOC00011
Ceragon Antenna 18GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-18-CR

Product no.: SOC00012
Ceragon Antenna 23GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-23-CR

Product no.: SOC00013
Ceragon Antenna 8GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-7_8-CR

Product no.: SOC00014
Ceragon Antenna E-band 80GHz 600mm

MPN: Am-2-80-CR

Product no.: SOC00015
Ceragon Antenna 11GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-11W-CR

Product no.: SOC00016
Ceragon Antenna 13GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-13-CR

Product no.: SOC00017
Ceragon Antenna 15GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-15-CR

Product no.: SOC00339
Bundle Pair - Ceragon Antennas - 6GHz 1200mm

MPN: PAIR - Am-4-6-CR

Product no.: SOC00018
Ceragon Antenna 18GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-18-CR

Product no.: SOC00019
Ceragon Antenna 23GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-23-CR

Product no.: SOC00020
Ceragon Antenna 6GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-6-CR

Product no.: SOC00021
Ceragon Antenna 8GHz 900mm

MPN: Am-3-7_8-CR

Product no.: SOC00022
Ceragon Antenna 11GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-11W-CR

Product no.: SOC00023
Ceragon Antenna 13GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-13-CR

Product no.: SOC00024
Ceragon Antenna 15GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-15-CR

Product no.: SOC00025
Ceragon Antenna 18GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-18-CR

Product no.: SOC00026
Ceragon Antenna 23GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-23-CR

Product no.: SOC00027
Ceragon Antenna 6GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-6-CR

Product no.: SOC00028
Ceragon Antenna 8GHz 1200mm

MPN: Am-4-7_8-CR

Product no.: SOC00029
Ceragon Antenna 11GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-11W-CR

Product no.: SOC00030
Ceragon Antenna 13GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-13-CR

Product no.: SOC00031
Ceragon Antenna 15GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-15-CR

Product no.: SOC00032
Ceragon Antenna 18GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-18-CR

Product no.: SOC00033
Ceragon Antenna 23GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-23-CR

Product no.: SOC00034
Ceragon Antenna 6GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-6-CR

Product no.: SOC00035
Ceragon Antenna 8GHz 1800mm

MPN: Am-6-7_8-CR

Product no.: SOC00315
Bundle Pair - Ceragon Antennas - 11 GHz 300mm

MPN: PAIR - Am-1-11W-CR

Product no.: SOC00316
Bundle Pair - Ceragon Antennas - 13 GHz 300mm

MPN: PAIR - Am-1-13-CR

Product no.: SOC00317
Bundle Pair - Ceragon Antennas - 15 GHz 300mm

MPN: PAIR - Am-1-15-CR

Product no.: SOC00318
Bundle Pair - Ceragon Antennas - 18 GHz 300mm

MPN: PAIR - Am-1-18-CR

Product no.: SOC00319
Bundle Pair - Ceragon Antennas - E-band 80GHz 300mm

MPN: PAIR - Am-1-80-CR

1 - 40 of 68 results