Socius Technology Battery Protection Unit High Current Version

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The Socius Technologies Battery Protection Unit brings your battery assets into your network. Often sitting outside the visibility of Network Management Systems, telecommunications batteries require coarse maintenance and replacement programs which are costly and time consuming. The Socius Technologies Battery Protection Unit makes it possible for network operators to run targeted maintenance programs, and deploy robust, energy dense and longer-life battery chemistries, delivering substantial operating and battery hardware cost reductions. Features of the BPU include:

  • Configurable pack disconnect/reconnect variables:
    • High Voltage
    • Low Voltage
    • High Temp
    • High Current
  • Sophisticated battery pack state of charge measurement based on pack age, cycle count, aggregatetate useage and current I/O
  • High (BPU-HCV) current protection switching capacity 150Amps
  • Intuitive GUI for local configuration, diagnostics and view battery health
  • Logging of utilisation and performance statistics
  • Manageable by SNMP or the Socius Technology NMS platform in distributed deployments
  • Accepts external voltage, temperature and cell loop inputs (from 3rd party balance modules).

​Part of the Socius Technology Battery Protection System is the Socius Technology Battery Cell module (ST-BCM-1855). When paired with the ST-BCM-1855 additional features are made available:

  • Dynamic Cell Balancing
  • Configurable pack disconnect varible based on indufidual cell:
    • ​Voltage
    • Temperature
  • ​Wirless interface to BPU for simple cable free installation

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Supports 24VDC system voltages Yes
Supports 48VDC system voltages Yes

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